McMillan, F. D. (ed). 2019. Mental Health and Well-being in Animals (2nd ed). CABI, Wallingford, UK.

This second edition is fully revised, expanded, and comprehensively updated with the most current knowledge about the full array of mental health issues seen in animals. Written by key opinion leaders, internationally-recognized experts and specialists, it is comprehensive covering basic principles to mental wellness, emotional distress, suffering and mental illness, through to measurement and treatment. With even more practical information and clinical pearls, this book remains invaluable to veterinary professionals, animal welfare researchers and advocates, and other animal caregivers. This book consists of 25 chapters, including: The Relationship Between Mental and Physical Health; The Mental Health and Wellbeing Benefits of Personal Control in Animals; Mental Health Issues in the Horse; Mental Health Issues in Shelter Animals; The Mental Health of Laboratory Animals; Mental Health Issues in Captive Birds; Psychological Wellbeing in Zoo Animals; Mental Health Issues in Captive Cetaceans; Assessing Affective States in Animals; and Treatment of Emotional Distress and Disorders.