Archived Publications

The following out-of-print publications are presented here for historical purposes. These items are not sold through our online store but may be available on request while supplies last. To obtain copies of these publications, use the links below or contact us at (202) 337-2332.

Cover of Alternative Traps

Alternative Traps: The Role of Cage and Box Traps in Modern Trapping, The Role of Legsnares in Modern Trapping, and The Role of Spring Powered Killing Traps in Modern Trapping

Review of alternatives to steel-jaw leghold traps and their animal welfare implications; by Tom Garrett (revised edition, 1999), 51 pages.

Cover of Animals, Nature and Albert Schweitzer

Animals, Nature and Albert Schweitzer

Collection of Albert Schweitzer writings exploring the development of his philosophy of treating all living things with reverence; editing and commentary by Ann Cottrell Free (The Flying Fox Press, AWI Special Edition, 1988), 81 pages.

Cover of Animal Welfare Institute: Information Report and AWI Quarterly Compilation

Animal Welfare Institute: Information Report and AWI Quarterly Compilation

Two-volume set offering a unique compendium of the first 50 years of AWI’s work for animals; 1,800 pages.

Cover of AWI: Commemorating 50 Years

AWI: Commemorating 50 Years

This 16-page issue shows our five decades of accomplishments, and the monumental amount of new work for us to do.

Cover of Concentration Camps for Dogs

Concentration Camps for Dogs

Description of the conditions and suffering animals endured on the premises of an amoral dog dealer in Maryland; reprint from Life magazine, 1966, 8 pages.

Cover of Crimes Without Consequences

Crimes Without Consequences: The Enforcement of Humane Slaughter Laws in the United States

Comprehensive analysis of the level of enforcement of humane slaughter laws from 2002–2007 at state, federal and foreign slaughterhouses, 2008, 143 pages.

Cover of Cull of the Wild

Cull Of The Wild: A Contemporary Analysis of Wildlife Trapping in the United States

Analysis of trapping activity, methods, research, and public policy in the United States; by Camilla Fox (Animal Protection Institute, 2004), 222 pages.

Cover of Endangered Species Handbook

Endangered Species Handbook

A full PDF of AWI's Endangered Species Handbook (revised edition, 2005).

Cover of Factory Farming

Factory Farming: The Experiment that Failed (Volume I and II)

Compilation of AWI Quarterly articles showing intensive rearing of calves, sows and hens and practical alternative methods, Volume I, 1987, 86 pages; Volume II, 2008, 158 pages.

Cover of Humanewashed

Humanewashed: USDA Process Verified Program Misleads Consumers About Animal Welfare Marketing Claims

Examination of how the Process Verified Program allows conventional producers to imply that the USDA has verified their farm animal welfare marketing claims, 2012, 13 pages.

Cover of Slaughterhouse

Slaughterhouse: The Shocking Story of Greed, Neglect, and Inhumane Treatment Inside the US Meat Industry

Investigation into America’s slaughterhouses and the human and animal suffering that occurs within; by Gail A. Eisnitz (Prometheus Books, 1997), hardcover, 301 pages.

Cover of The Animal Dealers

The Animal Dealers: Evidence of Abuse of Animals in the Commercial Trade 1952-1997

A shocking exposé of cruelty, fraud and negligence in the trade of dogs, cats, primates, birds and reptiles, 1997, 430 pages.

Cover of The Case Against Random Source Dog and Cat Dealers

The Case Against Random Source Dog and Cat Dealers

Report submitted to the House Subcommittee on Livestock, Dairy and Poultry in support of the Pet Safety and Protection Act of 1996, 63 pages.

Trapping Agony

Trapping Agony

The views of Charles Darwin on the cruelty of the steel-jaw leghold trap, reprinted from Defenders magazine, 1 page.

Cover of What is the Real Price of a Fur Coat?

What Is the Real Price of a Fur Coat?

Outlines the inhumane process involved in obtaining wild furs, 4 pages.