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The AWI Quarterly is the magazine of the Animal Welfare Institute. This full-color periodical examines issues regarding animals everywhere—in the laboratory, on the farm, in commercial trade, at home, and in the wild. It is distributed to over 46,000 individuals and organizations, including public libraries, deans of medical and veterinary schools, laboratory technicians, scientists, farmers, teachers, law enforcement officers, shelters, animal protection organizations, members of Congress, and AWI members.

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Spring 2024

AWI helps secure protections for Caribbean wildlife, reports on conditions for captive orcas in China, and pushes for US standards to prevent grueling long-distance transport of newborn calves and others unfit to travel. In a Colorado corral, tragic consequences of the BLM’s wild horse management failures. National Primate Research Centers seek to expand while ignoring chronic welfare issues. And a global campaign to end the brutal annual cull of Australia’s kangaroos gains steam.
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Winter 2023

This edition of the Quarterly, coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the Endangered Species Act, features stories that explain the ESA’s inner workings and illustrate this landmark law’s continuing importance—including an account of how the ESA supported a successful legal challenge by AWI and allies to induce the USFWS to recommit to red wolf recovery. In this issue, we also address the woeful absence of protections for mice in research, highlight our campaign to promote better conditions for egg-laying hens, raise a glass to retiring staff member Dr. Mary Lou Randour, and more.
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Fall 2023

Progress in our efforts to bolster federal protections for racehorses and walking horses. Fighting the use of horrific methods to “depopulate” chicken flocks exposed to bird flu. A new edition of AWI’s comprehensive analysis of the ills inherent in marine mammal captivity. How financial incentives are fueling an illegal trade in wild primates for research. Celebrating the ongoing work by one of our own and the legacy of a departed hero on behalf of the world’s whales.
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Summer 2023

AWI is helping rangers in Africa take to the wing to ground poachers. We’re celebrating a new international agreement to protect ocean biodiversity. We’re seeking to end the unseen suffering of pigs in slaughterhouses and the needless killing of rats used in a university classroom. AWI thanks our supporters and invites readers to answer a quick survey that offers a chance to provide feedback on our programs and tell us which animal welfare issues mean the most to you!
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Spring 2023

A retrospective on the Christine Stevens Wildlife Awards—advancing win-win solutions for wildlife and people. Animal care staff recount personal triumphs in the ongoing effort to provide better lives for animals in research. AWI seeks significant reforms to USDA oversight of animal slaughter. More scrutiny over potential wildlife trafficking in Cambodia-to-US primate pipeline. Birds in pet trade and exhibits gain long-overdue Animal Welfare Act protections. AWI fondly remembers three marine life champions.
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