Current Cases

The Animal Welfare Institute and its co-plaintiffs brought claims against the Navy over its plans to build an Undersea Warfare Training Range southeast of the Florida/Georgia border, which has the potential to adversely affect millions of marine mammals, including the critically endangered North Atlantic right whale whose calving grounds are adjacent to the project site. The lawsuit alleges that the Navy and National Marine Fisheries Service, which authorized the project, did not adequately analyze the environmental impacts of operating the range before deciding upon construction.

Protection of Marine Mammals

In September 2012, the Animal Welfare Institute and its co-plaintiffs brought suit against the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission over the Commission’s decision to allow spotlight hunting of coyotes at night throughout North Carolina, including in the area inhabited by the only wild population of red wolves, one of the world’s most endangered animals. The lawsuit alleged that the Commission violated the North Carolina Administrative Procedure Act when it adopted a temporary rule to allow coyote hunting at night with artificial lights on public and private lands throughout the state, placing an endangered species in harm’s way....

Protection of Red Wolves - Photo by William Doran

The Animal Welfare Institute and its co-plaintiffs have brought suit against the Indiana Department of Natural Resources over the Department’s decision to waive state permit requirements for a coyote and fox penning facility.

Protection of Wild Foxes and Coyotes