Rose, A. M. 2013. An inexpensive approach to social housing enrichment for laboratory rabbits and guinea pigs. Laboratory Animal Science Professional 1(4) (December), 46-48.

We analyzed our current enrichment protocols in order to develop and implement social experiences for our rabbit and guinea pig colonies. This article describes the development of an exercise pen for rabbits and a custom-made social housing enclosure for guinea pigs. Both methods of social housing have been highly successful. They have enriched the lives of these social animals with such ease, not just in the day-to-day use, but also because the materials are easy to acquire and assemble. The social housing has also allowed for the animals to be more active, since there is more available space. We have also had much success with breeding guinea pigs. The authors conclude that these options for social enrichment in laboratory rabbits and guinea pigs should be considered at other institutions seeking potential options for housing of social species.

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