Jang, J. Y., Liang, T., Kim, M.-K. et al. 2022. A rapid and noninvasive method that extracts polymerase chain reaction-ready genomic DNA from adult zebrafish. Zebrafish 19(4), 160-164.

Genotyping usually entails analysis of the products of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) carried out with genomic DNA (gDNA) as template, and is employed for validation of mutant or transgenic organisms. For genotyping of adult zebrafish, gDNA is often extracted from clipped caudal fin or skin mucus through either alkaline lysis using NaOH or proteinase K (PK) treatment. Further purification of the gDNA using ethanol precipitation was optional. To develop a rapid and noninvasive method that extracts PCR-ready gDNA from adult zebrafish, we combined skin swabbing with PK treatment and demonstrated its efficiency. This method could be applied to a wide range of fish.

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