Bayne, K. 2014. A historical perspective on social housing. Enrichment Record 18, 8-11.

The ever-broadening scope of social housing of research animals is increasingly encompassing the diversity of species used in research, including dogs, cats, rabbits, a variety of rodent species, agricultural animals, aquatic animals, and others.The Guide's position on social housing matured even further in the eighth edition (NRC2011). In this latest edition, the Guide states that single housing should be the exception and justified based on experimental requirements or veterinary-related concerns about animal well-being and that the need for single housing should be reviewed on a regular basis by the IACUC and veterinarian. Of note, AAALAC International, which uses the Guide in its assessments of animal care and use programs, has taken an even stronger stance, stating in one of its very few Position Statements that Social housing will be considered by AAALAC International as the default method of housing unless otherwise justified based on social incompatibility resulting from inappropriate behavior, veterinary concerns regarding animal well-being, or scientific necessity approved by the IACUC (or comparable oversight body).

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