Ahrens Kress, A. P., Zhang, Y., Kaiser-Vry, A. R. et al. 2022. A Comparison of blood collection techniques in mice and their effects on welfare. JAALAS 61(3), 287-295.

Multiple methods are used to collect blood from mice; these methods have different effects on animal welfare. This study compared blood collection from facial, chin, and saphenous locations with regard to various parameters, including the time needed to collect blood, the number of attempts needed, success at completing the blood collection, volume of blood loss, weight changes in the mouse, presence of external lesions after blood collection and gross lesions at necropsy, physical signs during blood collection (vocalization, urination, and defecation), fecal corticosterone after blood collection, and blood chemistry values. While no one technique was clearly better for animal welfare, each technique had benefits and drawbacks.

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