Abela, C. 2020. Alternative training method using a mouse simulator in intravenous lateral tail vein procedures. Animal Technology and Welfare 19(3), 249-250.

The purpose of this study was to reduce or replace mouse cadavers for use in procedural training. All participants had mixed experience in various technical procedures such as oral gavage, intraperitoneal injections, etc., but none had ever carried out intravenous injections of any kind. An independent statistician was responsible for randomly allocating the participants into the two groups (cadaver and simulator). The simulator used was a ‘Mimicky Mouse’ model purchased independently. This model has 2 lateral tail veins leading to a reservoir. An intravenous tail injection into these veins can be simulated using sterile water. Competence was assessed by using a S1K method via injection into the lateral tail vein. Results showed there appeared to be no significant difference between the simulator and cadaver. It does demonstrate however that the simulator can be used as an alternative method of training with a level of success.

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