White, E., Fernandez, J., Wilson, J. M. 2018. Mini-pig urine collection within a laboratory environment. Laboratory Animal Science Professional 6(1) (March), 36-39.

Urinalysis is a commonly used method of evaluating urinary tract or kidney function and to screen for progression of experimentally induced models of infection, urinary tract disease, diabetes mellitus, and hypertension, among others. The ideal urine sample would be free from contamination, but methods to collect sterile urine can be invasive (ie. cystocentesis or urethral catheterization) and may involve sedation. The ideal urine collection technique would be easy, nonstressful (for both the animal and the human), pain free, and provide a good quality sample with minimal contamination. A creative, low-cost method was developed using the modular run housing unit that was already being used to house the mini-pigs. This method is described in this article. This method allows for an easy, nonstressful, pain-free method of urine collection that results in a good quality sample with minimal contamination—just as we were aiming to do!

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