Swan, A. 2018. Refining mouse handling - do we or don't we? An animal technologist's perspective. Animal Technology and Welfare 17(2), 130-131.

Recent research in the industry identified that picking up mice in a tunnel or cupping them in the hand significantly reduces their stress levels. As Animal Tecgnologists, we could see advantages and disadvantages with this change for the animals, staff and researchers, We decided to do a study within our facility at York priorr to making the decision as to whether to implement the new methods across the entire facility. After reviewing the data from this study, we concluded the following: within only a few tries, time to clean a cage went back to baseline; by the end of the study, we felt mice seemed mich more relaxed when the cage lid was open; we saw no negative impact on mouse behavior and breeding; a small number of mice refused to go in the tunnel.

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