Ramezani-Fard, E. 2023. Zebrafish nutrition: Everything known and to be known. Laboratory Animal Science Professional 11(1) (January/February), 30-32.

Despite the widespread use of zebrafish (Danio rerio) as a research animal in many studies including toxicologic and biomedical research, the nutritional requirements of this species have yet to be determined. Several aquafeed companies currently produce zebrafish diets that, with limited knowledge of zebrafish nutrition, are mostly based on perceived or empirical general fish nutrition knowledge. Physiological responses and metabolic changes associated with an inconstant or unbalanced diet formulation would be a major source of experimental variability which must be minimized within and among research studies in order to produce repeatable and reliable results. Zebrafish research and aquaculture nutrition communities should work closely together to standardize and optimize zebrafish nutrition in the near future.

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