Ragland, N. H., Compo, N. R., Wiltshire, N. et al. 2022. Housing and husbandry alternatives for naked mole rat colonies used in research settings. JAALAS 61(5), 412-418.

Naked mole rats (Heterocephalus glaber) are a unique rodent species originating in Africa and are increasingly being used in research. Their needs and characteristics differ from those of other rodents used in research. Unique housing systems are necessary to address the special macro- and microenvironmental requirements of NMRs. Naked mole rats are one of the 2 known eusocial mammalian species, are extremely long-living, are active burrowers, and are accustomed to a subterranean environment. Unlike typical rats and mice, naked mole rats need specific, unique housing systems that mimic their natural subterranean environment to support health and longevity. Here we provide an overview of naked mole rats and a housing method that can be used in research settings.

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