Ordóñez-Grande, B., Guerreiro, P. M., Sanahuja, I. et al. 2021. Environmental salinity modifies mucus exudation and energy use in European sea bass juveniles. Animals 11(6), 1580.

Changes in skin mucus production and composition offer a new means to study how fish cope with changes in the environment. We explored the utility of skin mucus as an indicator of physiological responses and energy use in a reference fish species, the European sea bass. We evaluated the exudation volume of skin mucus and the main stress- and osmoregulation-related biomarkers in both mucus and plasma. We demonstrate the viability to study the exuded volume of skin mucus composition and its parameters as an informative tool of the fish energy waste at different environmental salinities. This study is of great interest for both aquaculture and ecological studies.

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