Nelson, E. A., Keller, G. L., Mitchell, T. W. et al. 2010. A jugular bleeding technique in rabbits. Lab Animal 39(1), 17-22.

When studying pharmacokinetics in rabbits, researchers must often take multiple blood samples from conscious rabbits. Researchers usually collect these samples via the auricular vein, typically through a port or an indwelling catheter. The authors have developed an easy and efficient alternative method for obtaining multiple blood samples from conscious rabbits via the external jugular vein. This jugular bleeding technique serves as a refinement to blood sampling methods that require rabbits to undergo surgery (e.g., to insert a port) because it requires no alleviation of pain. During a 2-year period, the authors have taken multiple blood samples from more than 400 rabbits and have seen no adverse events attributed to this procedure.

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