Luzzi, M., Skoumbourdis, E., Baumans, V. et al. 2005. Collecting blood from rodents: A discussion by the Laboratory Animal Refinement and Enrichment Forum. Animal Technology and Welfare 4, 99-102.

The question was asked: "In your own experience, what is the least disturbing technique - from the subject's point of view! - of blood collection for rodents?" In summary, it is fair to conclude the clinical and ethical concerns outweigh the practical advantages of the retro-orbital bleeding technique in rodents. Preference has to be given to alternative techniques, especially to the saphenous blood collection procedure, that are less risky and less painful to the subject. Proper training of the animal technician by a skilled, patient and compassionate teacher is the key condition to protect the rodent subject from undue stress, discomfort and pain during the enforced restraint and the actual venipuncture, independent of the site from which the blood is then collected.