Lee, C. J., Tyler, C. R., Paull, G. C. et al. 2018. Can simple tank changes benefit the welfare of laboratory zebrafish Danio rerio? Journal of Fish Biology 92(3), 653-659.

This study examined the effects of simple changes in the tank environment on the wellbeing of laboratory-maintained zebrafish Danio rerio. Groups of D. rerio were either housed in stable environments (where they were maintained in the same tanks throughout the study) or in environments subject to change (where they were periodically moved to novel but identical tanks) and the effects of these treatments on morphometry, reproductive success and aggressive behaviour assessed. No effect of simple tank changes was found on body condition, reproductive output or aggression, for the periods of time studied, indicating that more complex scenarios in housing tank conditions are required for significant welfare benefits for captive D. rerio.

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