Huss, M. K., Pacharinsak, C. 2022. A review of long-acting parenteral analgesics for mice and rats. JAALAS 61(6), 595–602.

Appropriate analgesia is a crucial part of rodent postoperative and postprocedural pain. Providing appropriate analgesia is an ethical obligation, a regulatory requirement, and an essential element of obtaining quality scientific results and conducting reproducible data. Meeting these requirements is facilitated by practical, efficient and safe delivery methods for providing analgesia. Over the last decade, long-acting analgesics have gained widespread use in research animal medicine to avoid or treat postoperative or postprocedural pain while minimizing handling-related time and stress. Long-acting formulations of analgesics suitable for rodents are available for opioids, NSAIDs, and local anesthetics. The goal of this review is to summarize the currently available long-acting formulations of analgesics for rodents and to provide recommendations to veterinarians and researchers regarding their use.

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