Harkness, J. E., Turner, P. V., Vande Woude, S. et al. 2010. Biology and Medicine of Rabbits and Rodents (5th Ed.). Wiley-Blackwell, Ames, Iowa.

The Biology and Medicine of Rabbits and Rodents provides concise, up - to - date, reasonably comprehensive information to anyone concerned with the health, care, and management of rabbits and rodents. The book is intended for veterinarians, students, technicians, scientists, breeders, and those with a background in the biological sciences. A basic knowledge of biology and an interest in rabbits and rodents as pets, production animals, or laboratory animals are assumed. Beyond this, the emphasis throughout is on the practical aspects of rabbit and rodent care and health, and substantial detail is provided about many aspects of biology and husbandry, clinical signs and procedures, and specifi c diseases and their diagnoses. Distinctions between animals used as production, laboratory, or pet animals are provided when relevant. This book is intended to bridge the gap between the extremely comprehensive hardcover reference works on various species of laboratory animals and a variety of class notes, handbooks, proceedings, autotutorial materials, and other publications used as references in practice or for teaching. The care and use of rabbits and rodents has changed considerably since the last edition of this text. The goal when writing this edition was to retain the easy - to - read practical style characteristic of previous editions, but to expand discussion of management and diseases that have evolved significantly since 1995.