Hanzen, C., Lucas, M. C., OʼBrien, G. et al. 2020. Surgical implantation of radio tags in three eel species (Anguilla spp.) in South Africa. Journal of Fish Biology 96(3), 847-852.

Studies have reported poor survival of surgically tagged freshwater fishes in warm African waters. This study aimed to assess the applicability of using radio telemetry (and surgical implantation of tags) for Anguilla spp. Nineteen yellow eels (Anguilla bengalensis, A. marmorata and A. mossambica) were surgically implanted with radio tags between October 2018 and January 2019 in the Thukela River, South Africa. Most eels were alive 6 months after tagging, and recaptured eels displayed advanced or complete healing at the incision site. Therefore, this method appears suitable for African freshwater eels.

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