Golledge, H., Carter, E. 2018. Welfare of fish farmed in the EU during transport and at slaughter. Animal Welfare 27(3), 287-288.

This Report, commissioned by the European Commission, summarises the current state of transport and slaughter practices in the aquaculture industry within eleven case-study countries in the European Economic Area (EAA). Comparisons are also made with practices in the non-EEA countries which are major producers of the species considered in the Report (Atlantic salmon, common carp, rainbow trout; European sea bass and gilthead sea bream). The intention of the Report was to survey current standards of welfare for farmed fish undergoing transport and slaughter and to identify unresolved welfare issues. The Report also provides a useful overview of national legislation and voluntary assurance schemes which regulate the slaughter and transport of farmed fish in EEA states, revealing a highly variable picture in terms of the standards applied in various areas of the industry.

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