Fares, R., Flénet, T., Vial, J. et al. 2022. Non invasive jacketed telemetry in socially-housed rats for a combined assessment of respiratory system, electrocardiogram and activity using the DECRO system. Journal of Pharmacological and Toxicological Methods 117, 107195.

Respiratory and cardiovascular systems are among the vital organ systems that should be studied in safety pharmacology core battery test. Non-invasive jacketed external telemetry technology that enables concomitant monitoring of both systems has been available and used widely for non-rodent species. Recently, the DECRO system, a miniaturized technology system in line with the “3Rs” principles, has been developed to provide a similar approach in rats. However, data to evaluate this system in socially-housed rats is lacking. Therefore, the objectives of this study were to determine the tolerability and the material integrity of this novel solution in pair-housed rats in two conditions: i) in a single session of 22 h simulating a stand-alone safety pharmacology study design, and ii) in three repeated sessions of 22 h each, simulating the inclusion of safety pharmacology endpoints in a 1-month toxicology study. In both conditions, the GABAB receptor agonist baclofen was used as a reference compound inducing cardiorespiratory changes. Our results provided evidence that this novel solution was well tolerated, the material was resistant to deterioration and that it allowed the accurate recording, in a non-invasive manner, of cardiorespiratory parameters and activity level in freely moving, pair-housed rats in the above two conditions. In addition, the expected respiratory depressant effects of baclofen were recorded. These results pave the way for considering this novel solution as an enhanced approach for nonclinical safety assessment in rats.

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