Domingues, R. R., Garrone-Neto, D., Hilsdorf, A. W. S. et al. 2019. Use of mucus as a non-invasive sampling method for DNA barcoding of stingrays and skates (batoid elasmobranchs). Journal of Fish Biology 94(3), 512-516.

In this study we tested the use of mucus from five species of Neotropical marine batoid elasmobranchs to extract genomic DNA for barcoding and phylogenetic analysis. The DNA from all individuals sampled was successfully amplified and sequenced for molecular barcode, allowing 99-100% accuracy to the species level. This method proved to provide reliable and good-quality DNA for barcoding and phylogenetic analysis of Neotropical elasmobranchs, through rapid handling and with low disturbance to animals.

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