Deurinck, M., Schindler, S., Bugnon, P. et al. 2018. Report from the 2017 Annual SGV (Swiss Laboratory Animal Science Association ) Meeting. Laboratory Animals 52(2), 211-213. [Meeting Report]

The Scientific Committee of the Swiss Laboratory Animal Science Association (Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Versuchstierkunde, SGV) reports on the Annual SGV Meeting held on 28 and 29 November 2017, at Technopark, Zürich, Switzerland. Feedback after the 2016 meeting and recent developments with regards to experimental reproducibility prompted the SGV Scientific Committee to cover reproducibility topics other than experimental design. Aging studies, humane endpoints, zebrafish and short communications were also presented. The sessions were well attended with up to 400 participants per day. Meeting attendance counted as continued education for people carrying out procedures on animals and designing procedures and projects.

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