Bode, A. E., Barber, H. 2014. Use of vinyl nonadhesive tape as an alternative for positioning rodents in small animal imaging. American Association for Laboratory Animal Science [AALAS] Meeting Official Program, 597-598. (Abstract #P185).

Specific positioning for different imaging modalities is essential in our small animal imaging core. While we have different animal holders designed to position the animal inside the MRI, additional securing of the animal to the holder is needed. Adjustments also have to be made to the body position of each animal imaged to ensure that the correct body part or organ is in the center of the coil and that the rest of the anesthetized animal is secure in the closed-bore MRI. In the interest of refinement of technique, we discovered a type of nonadhesive “tape” made of vinyl that overcame several drawbacks of the other restrainers that were used to position and secure our animals, including residue after tape removal, adhesive sticking to and removing fur, skin sensitivities to the adhesive, tape sticking to and ripping gloves, tape being easily soiled and rendered unusable, and tediousness of adhesive removal. The nonadhesive vinyl is waterproof and can be disinfected and reused making it very economical. Our imaging core has been using it for over a year with no loss of function noticed. It only sticks to itself, providing an adjustable strong hold without sticking to fur, sensitive skin, or gloves. There is no residue left behind because the tape does not use adhesive. The vinyl tape does not stick to gloves making it easy to apply. It is easy and fast to apply and remove, allowing us to accomplish more work in a shorter time frame when imaging batches of animals. In conclusion, the addition of the vinyl tape has increased the safety of our animals, decreased the amount of time used to position each animal, and alleviated some of the frustrations that accompanies the use adhesive tape.

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