Blyth, L. 2012. A safe, gentle and effective method of oral dosing guinea-pigs. Animal Technology and Welfare 11, 187-188.

Guinea pigs are difficult to oral gavage dose. Previous adverse effects from this dosing method, using rigid catheters, had caused an earlier endpoint to studies and loss of data. We therefore developed a prototype gag made from a 2.5 mL or 5 mL Plastipak syringe which was deilled with a hole just big enough to pass the IMS catheter through. This prototype gag enabled the catheter to be inserted and pass unhindered through the smal channel between the molars, causing no damage at all to internal otal structures or the oesophagus. THis method enables accurate delivery of a known volume, with little chance of reflux or spitting out compared with drip feeding into the back of the mouth.

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