Bailey, K. L., Young, L. A., Long, C. E. et al. 2021. Use of introduction enclosures to integrate multimale cohorts into groups of female rhesus macaques (Macaca mulatta). JAALAS 60(1), 103-111.

Integrating animals into a new group is a challenge for both free-ranging and captive adult male rhesus monkeys (Macaca mulatta), and for females in groups receiving new males. To ensure the genetic viability of the population, however, male transfers must occur in both natural and captive settings. To facilitate the introduction of groups of adult males to adult females, we designed a new enclosure that is attached to the outdoor compound where females are housed. Here we describe the construction of 3 introduction enclosures, their use during 4 introductions of groups of adult males to adult females, a brief comparison of introduction success rates associated with the new introduction enclosures with those of our traditional male introduction method, and a critique by the various groups of staff members working with the new enclosures. Overall, the introduction enclosures benefitted both the macaques and the facility personnel and appear to be a useful enhancement to our process of integrating breeding groups.

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