Animals in Laboratories

From the earliest days of the organization, AWI has worked to foster better care and handling of animals in research facilities by encouraging laboratory personnel to provide the animals with comfortable housing with conspecifics; veterinary treatment including pain relief; and the opportunity to engage in species-typical behaviors - while sparing them needless suffering.

Tickled Pink

Sylvie Cloutier, Ph.D., and Ruth C. Newberry, Ph.D., present playful handling as social enrichment for laboratory rats When animals are used in research,there is seldom, if ever, a focus on affectionate or playful handling. However...

Chimp Plans for Tomorrow, Leaves No Stone Unturned

Though the proverb warns that "people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones," it makes no mention of primates in zoo exhibits. Santino, a 30-year-old chimp in Sweden's Furuvik zoo, has been doing just...

Random Source Dog and Cat Dealers Under the Microscope

Although no action was taken on the Pet Safety and Protection Act in the last Congress, the Labor, Health and Human Services Appropriations bill and the FARM bill were adopted; both include language regarding random...