New Food Seal Sets Highest Standards for Humane Treatment of Farm Animals

Animal Welfare Approved Surpasses Other Seals; First Humane Program to Champion Family Farms and Repudiate Double Standards in Other Labeling Programs

Washington, DC—The Animal Welfare Approved standards prohibit cruel conditions and practices that other labels allow. The animals breathe fresh, clean air, instead of fumes from their own waste and grow naturally without pain and deformities caused by unnatural breeding for fast growth.

Comparison of Different Farming Systems

Only family farms can earn our seal. Families who own, labor on and earn a meaningful livelihood from their farms have a true commitment and connection to their animals that is lost on factory farms managed by distant, corporate owners and run by hired hands. Furthermore, unlike other labeling programs, Animal Welfare Approved requires farmers to raise all animals of an approved species according to high welfare standards.

Animal Welfare Approved also prohibits the liquefaction of manure to help ensure that animals breathe fresh, clean air, instead of fumes from their own gaseous waste, to prevent pollution of wildlife habitat from leakage and spills of liquefied manure and to reduce unnecessary consumption of a most precious natural resource, water.

Reviewed by veterinarians, farmers and scientific experts in animal behavior and rooted in the Animal Welfare Institute's 55-year track record of reducing the pain and fear inflicted on animals, the Animal Welfare Approved standards give careful thought to the needs of animals.

While many specialty product labels are created with the economic interests of agribusiness in mind, the Animal Welfare Approved seal is a non-profit endorsement that prioritizes the well-being of animals and the sustainability of humane, independent family farms. Furthermore, in order to maintain independence there are no fees or royalties for participating in the Animal Welfare Approved program. Advisors and auditors are provided by Animal Welfare Approved, free of charge. The only requirement is upholding the high standards set by the Animal Welfare Approved program.