Winn, C. B., Issa, E. B., Curcillo, C. P. et al. 2019. Daily water intake by common marmosets (Callithrix jacchus) and recommendations regarding fluid regulation. JAALAS 58(1), 16-20.

The typical daily water intake of common marmosets (Callithrix jacchus) in a research setting has not been well characterized. Because these New World primates are in demand as animal models for neurobehavioral experiments, which can include the potential use of fluid regulation for training, veterinary and research staff need to understand how marmosets keep hydrated under normal circumstances. In the current study, we measured the water consumption of older (age, 5 to 12 y; n = 11) and younger (age, 1 to 2 y; n = 11) marmosets every 3 h during the 12-h light phase in 2 different months (January and July). The overall daily water intake (mean ± 1 SD) was 61.3 ± 20.4 mL/kg (range, 36.3 to 99.0 mL/kg); water intake by an individual marmoset or cohoused pair was fairly consistent from day to day. Water intake did not change across the four 3-h periods measured during the day, and minimal water was consumed overnight when the room lights were off. In addition, daily water intake did not differ between the 2 mo of measurements. Older animals drank significantly more than the younger group, and weight was directly correlated with water intake. Water intake was not affected by body condition score or housing status. The variation in water consumption among marmosets underscores the need for individualization of fluid regulation guidelines.

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