van Akker, R., Balls, M., Eichberg, J. W. et al. 1994. Chimpanzees in AIDS research: A biomedical and bioethical perspective. Journal of Medical Primatology 23, 49-51.

The present article represents a consensus view of the appropriate utilization of chimpanzees in AIDS research arrived at as a result of a meeting of a group of scientists involved in AIDS research with chimpanzees and bioethicists. The paper considers which types of studies are scientifically justifiable in this species, the conditions under which such studies should be carried out, and the conditions which should be encouraged for post-experimental retirement of these animals. Single-housing in isolator cages which deny social interaction and companionship, as well as social interaction with human care-givers, is both unnecessary and unethical. ... No research should be carried out with chimpanzees unless financial support for life-long retirement is guaranteed.