Smith, A. C., Swindle, M. M. 2006. Preparation of swine for the laboratory. ILAR Journal 47(4), 358-363.

Swine are an important model in many areas of biomedical research. These animals have been used predominantly as preclinical models involving surgical and interventional protocols. The systems most commonly studied include cardiovascular, integumentary, digestive, and urological. Swine are intelligent social animals and require species-specific socialization and handling techniques. It is important to acclimate the animals to the facility and to personnel before they are placed on chronic protocols. Gentle handling techniques instead of forceful procedures are essential to their socialization. They require sturdy caging with specific construction standards, and toys for environmental enrichment. Because the species is covered by both the Animal Welfare Act and the US Department of Agriculture, interstate transport requires a health certificate with destination state-specific disease screening standards. This manuscript provides an overview of best practices that have been utilized in the authors' facility.

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