Rommers, J. M., Reuvekamp, B. J. F., Gunnink, H. et al. 2014. Effect of hiding places, straw and territory on aggression in group-housed rabbit does. Applied Animal Behaviour Science 157, 117-126.

Group-housing of rabbit does may be preferred from welfare point of view. However, group-housing causes agonistic behaviour which may cause severe injuries. Severe injuries may be prevented by offering hiding places for attacked does. Providing enrichment (straw) may reduce agonistic behaviour by attracting attention from fighting. In contrast, acquisition of a territory within a group may evoke aggression. ... Overall 52% of the does had injuries. The percentage of does that had severe injuries ranged between 13% and 39%. Treatments with hiding places had the lowest numerical percentage of severe injuries and there was a tendency (P < 0.1) for less culled does in this treatment. In conclusion, does do not defend a territory within a group pen. Hiding places can help to reduce severe skin injuries. However, the high amount of does with skin injuries merits further study.

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