Pluschke, A. M., Simmons, G. S., Keates, H. L. et al. 2017. An updated method for the jugular catheterization of grower pigs for repeated blood sampling following an oral glucose tolerance test. Laboratory Animals 51(4), 397-404.

Jugular catheterization is a common procedure used under experimental conditions. However, there is considerable variation in the reported techniques, particularly for grower pigs (>40 kg and 10 mL) are required. This paper provides a complete methodology including the use of current equipment and anaesthetic regimen for grower pigs. This surgical jugular catheterization method was carried out in 30 large white grower pigs. Firstly, the pigs were habituated to human handling for at least two weeks prior to surgery. Animals were sedated and anesthetized. Following intubation, an incision was made in the jugular fossa, and the jugular vein was located. A catheter was then inserted and fixated. The wound was stapled and the catheter line secured to the back of the neck. The pigs recovered fully from the surgery and the catheters remained patent for the duration of the blood sampling period (min 72 h). Twenty millilitres of blood were collected every 15 min, taking approximately 2 min per pig. No haemolysis was detected in any samples. Jugular catheterization of pigs using this procedure proved successful both in terms of animal recovery and quality of samples. Catheters remained patent and pigs remained calm during sampling.

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