O'Keefe, S. 2016. Non-human primate housing facility at Newcastle University. Animal Technology and Welfare 15(2), 131-132.

Monkeys first arrived in the Comparative Biology Centre (CBC) at Newcastle University in 2000. They were housed in three small separate units consisting of steel and wooden cages. In 2011 a decision was made to centralise the NHP facilities as part of a larger refurbishment. The new facility is constructed of Trespa, steel and toughened glass and also has natural lighting provided by glazed roof panels. Each individual holding pen has a separate dimmable light, dedicated ventilation, multi-point automatic watering system and access to a pneumatic squeeze back pen. Every home enclosure contains shelving, perches and a balcony. There are anchor points within the ceiling for different toys to be attached, firehose, tyres and nets. All cages have a water tight seal, which gives us the opportunity to provide baths and pools without flooding neighbouring cages. Home cages are linked via hatches which can be opened up to create bigger enclosures for larger groups of primates.