Mohan, S., Huneke, R. 2019. The role of IACUCs in responsible animal research. ILAR Journal 60(1), 43-49.

Primary oversight responsibilities of an institution’s animal program rests with its IACUC, which supports the balance of good science practices with good animal welfare. The IACUC, along with husbandry care staff, veterinarians, and research personnel develop the appropriate animal care program to meet these standards of care, while taking into account the research objectives and resources available. A well-run IACUC will enable researchers to navigate the regulatory environment through a science-based, flexible program while still placing the humane care of animals as its number one priority and can assist the PI in developing and reporting high quality, reproducible studies. In order for the IACUC to maintain a culture of care and responsibility, it should be empowered by institutional commitment through availability of adequate resources, clear lines of authority and communication among the research community, veterinary staff, and other personnel, and joint effort from the entire animal research community.

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