Medina, A. 2022. Creative enrichment for nonhuman primates. Laboratory Animal Science Professional 10(1) (January/February), 42-43.

Providing novel and creative enrichments for nonhuman primates improves their mental wellbeing and is thus an important aspect of all husbandry programs. These enrichments are often presented through variations in diet, toys, and environmental features. The challenge with any type of enrichment, whether food, toy, or other device, is that the novelty may diminish, and animals stop interacting with the item as intended. Encouraging nonhuman primates to engage with their enclosure and enrichment devices in new ways may extend the novelty of these items, thereby more efficiently sustaining the mental wellbeing of nonhuman primates. The implementation of creative techniques to reimagine these same enrichment foods and devices is of interest for the community of caregivers that work with these species.