Manell, E., Hedenqvist, P., Jensen-Waern, M. 2021. Training pigs for oral glucose tolerance test—Six years’ experience of a refined model. Animals 11(6), 1677.

Animal models of human diseases are important in biomedical research. When using animals for scientific purposes, the 3Rs (replace, reduce, refine) should be considered. Refinement of animal models is essential to ensure best use of animals, which is important for ethical reasons and to retrieve reliable research data. The present publication describes improvements to an oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) model for pigs published in 2016. Historical data from 42 pigs were used to describe improvements in the training technique over six years. Pigs of various breeds and ages can be trained to bottle-feed glucose dissolved in water to undergo OGTT. This publication describes different tips and techniques to apply for successful training and will help researchers to minimize exclusions of pigs due to unsuccessful training. The improvements are an important contribution to the 3Rs.

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