Luttrell, L., Acker, L., Urben, M. et al. 1994. Training a large troop of rhesus macaques to co-operate during catching: Analysis of the time investment. Animal Welfare 3(2), 135-140.

This study demonstrates that only a minimal time investment was needed to train a large troop of laboratory non-human primates to co-operate in the catching procedure. A group of 45 rhesus macaques (Macaca mulatta) was trained to enter a chute system voluntarily and be caught one by one. During the conventional catching procedure all animals were confined in the indoor run and subjects were caught one at a time with a net. This process could take an hour or more, and incidents of acute diarrhoe, rectal prolapses and lacerations were common. ... Using a simple chute system and applying a training technique based on patience, all 45 troop members were successfully conditioned in less then 15 work-hours to voluntarily enter a transport cage one by one within 15 mintues. Stress reduction for the animals and risk avoidance for the personnel justify this minimal time investment.

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