Kishida, T., Motokawa, Y., Yokoi, R. et al. 2022. Less invasive, simultaneous, and continuous measurements of locomotor activity and body temperature using the nano tag® small accelerometer device in cynomolgus monkeys. Journal of Pharmacological and Toxicological Methods 118, 107224.

Locomotor activity and body temperature evaluations of cynomolgus monkeys are useful to understand the effects of drugs on the central nervous system. Here, we describe a simple, inexpensive, and less invasive evaluation method using the nano tag® (KISSEI COMTEC Co., Ltd.), a small three-axis accelerometer device with a temperature sensor. Nano tags® were subcutaneously implanted in four cynomolgus monkeys that had been intraperitoneally implanted with a telemetry transmitter. Then, body temperature and locomotor activity counts were simultaneously and continuously measured by both the nano tag® and telemetry transmitter for 14 days after nano tag® implantation. The invasiveness of the implantation surgery was evaluated by recovery after surgery, and the validity of each nano tag® parameter was evaluated by comparison with the telemetry system data. Additionally, locomotor activity and body temperature changes induced by treatment with ketamine, a noncompetitive N-methyl-d-aspartate receptor antagonist, were evaluated by the nano tag®. Recovery from nano tag® implantation surgery was observed at 7 days postoperative, indicating that nano tag® was less invasive than a telemetry transmitter. Both of the parameter profiles measured by nano tag® were approximately comparable to those of the telemetry system. Moreover, the nano tag® could detect ketamine-induced pharmacological changes of decreases in both parameters. The present study demonstrates that nano tag® is an effective, simple, and less invasive tool for locomotor activity and body temperature evaluations in cynomolgus monkeys. This proposed easier method could help researchers evaluate central nervous system effects in cynomolgus monkeys.