Kennedy, R. J., Allen, M., Wilson, R. 2018. Tag retention and mortality of adult Atlantic salmon Salmo salar gastrically tagged with different sized telemetry transmitters. Journal of Fish Biology 92(6), 2016-2021.

A batch of 1 sea winter pre-spawning adult Salmo salar from the Bush river in Northern Ireland, U.K., were gastrically tagged with large (13-mm diameter) and small (9-mm diameter) dummy acoustic telemetry tags alongside untagged control fish. Survival differed between control and tagged fish and the estimated probability of survival by the end of the study for control fish with no tag was 0.94, small tags was 0.90 and large tags was 0.72. Tag loss through regurgitation was slightly higher for fish tagged with larger tags than for fish tagged with smaller tags and the estimated probability of tag loss for fish with a small tag was 0.10 and for large tags was 0.14.

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