Keeping, J. A., Reeve‐Arnold, K. E., Burns, N. M. et al. 2020. Computer‐aided photo‐identification of a rare stingray, Megatrygon microps. Journal of Fish Biology 96(3), 815-819.

A protocol for photo‐identification of individual Megatrygon microps has been defined. One hundred and four identification photographs were taken between 2005 and 2019. Spot patterns on the dorsal surface were used to identify individuals. Unique scarring on eight M. microps re‐observed provided an independent confirmation of pattern stability of up to 761 days. Previous studies lacked statistical testing used to validate this photo‐identification approach. I3S photo‐matching software was used to successfully match images, identifying 69 individuals. A photo‐matching software facilitates an open‐source platform for identifying individual M. microps, allowing for better population assessments. The successful application of a photo‐matching software for M. microps can be considered a superior alternative to physically capturing the stingray or matching photographs by eye alone.

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