Janiszewski, P., Cilulko-Dolega, J. 2019. Behavior and spatial use of enclosures by does and fawns of farmed fallow deer in postnatal period. Journal of Veterinary Behavior 31, 5-9.

The aim of this study was to determine the hiding preferences of farmed European fallow deer does and fawns in natural sites and artificial shelters during the postnatal period. A total of 270 hours of video surveillance footage showing the behavior of fallow deer fawns in the first 18 days of life were analyzed. The analysis demonstrated that fawns had a preference for the same, specific hideouts in the farm. Artificial shelters made of branches were never used by the offspring during the experiment. Does and fawns exhibited certain preferences for nursing sites, but they were not as specific as the fawns’ choices of hiding sites.