Heyworth, C. 2019. Inventive enrichment to facilitate weight gain in the common marmoset (Callithrix jacchus) during invasive studies. Laboratory Animal Science Professional 7(4) (December), 38-41.

To provide the highest standard of care to marmosets during invasive surgical studies, studies that often lead to weight loss, it is paramount to call upon inherent species-specific enrichment tactics to mitigate weight loss. Weight loss is common in marmosets during times of stress and not only creates unwanted research variables but can lead to death. This article describes a comprehensive enrichment package designed to facilitate weight gain and is used daily (porridge in the morning and sticks, egg carton treats, tea strainers, or frozen treats in the afternoon with extra protein and carbohydrates as food bowl toppers) until optimal weight gain is achieved. If oral medication is ordered during this weight gain phase, then it is given within a waxworm. To keep this enrichment package novel, other inventive enrichment is given at all other times, when the marmosets are well.