Ginovart-Panisello, G. J., Iriondo Sanz, I., Panisello Monjo, T. et al. 2022. Trend and representativeness of acoustic features of broiler chicken vocalisations related to CO2. Applied Sciences 12(20), 10480.

The concentration of CO2 is relatively large in poultry farms and high accumulations of this gas reduce animal welfare. Good control of its concentration is crucial for the health of the animals. The vocalizations of the chickens can show their level of well-being linked to the presence of carbon dioxide. An audio recording system was implemented and audio raw data was processed to extract acoustical features from four cycles of forty days, three of them from the same farm. This research aims to find the most relevant acoustic features extracted from the broiler’s calls that are related to the CO2 concentration and that could help to automate procedures. The results are encouraging since MFCC 6, 9, 4 and 3 are the most important features that relate the vocalizations of the chickens to the gas concentration, furthermore there is a clear and more similar representativeness trend during birds’ life period from day 15 to day 40.

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