Devenport, M., Levent, S., Storer, R. 2017. Rabbits housed in pens: Do they have an enrichment preference? Animal Technology and Welfare 16(2), 130-132.

Since the antibody production facility at Envigo RMS opened in 2015 we have been offering our rabbits a variety of disposable and non-disposable enrichment in a floor pen arrangement. There is a perception that our rabbits have a preference for certain enrichments but have no data to support this. This study was designed to provide clear evidence of preference which has enabled us to tailor an enrichment rota. All enrichment types offered were interacted with throughout the study: Interaction with the enrichment was mostly social, with groups of rabbits getting involved. Cardboard tubes, boxes and tray liners tended to be used destructively. Tray liners which were easily destroyed created interaction by more rabbits than any other enrichment type. Jumping jacks, dumbbells and wooden blocks tended to be used for scent marking (i.e. chin rubbing), this generally involved less rabbits. Jumping jacks were the least interacted with enrichment type.

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