Cortés Pérez, E., Maldonado Reséndiz, R. I. 2023. Welfare indices in Anurans under human care. Journal of Zoological and Botanical Gardens 4(3), 613–622.

Certain species within the order Anura are relatively new in the context of exotic animals as pets, and the precise conditions required for their optimal care and well-being are still not well understood. This knowledge gap highlights the crucial need to develop effective strategies to measjournal oure the welfare of these animals. To address this need, the objective of this study was to review the existing literature on welfare indices related to amphibians kept under human care. A systematic review was conducted across eight scientific databases, with a focus on identifying relevant articles that explored welfare indices specifically within the order Anura. The search was performed using two specific keywords. In total, 1568 English language results were obtained. Following a refinement process, 19 articles were selected for further analysis. The most investigated welfare indices in amphibians included individual survival, life expectancy, reproduction, hibernation, and body condition. However, it is important to note that studies specifically examining the behavior of amphibians within the order Anura are limited in scope. It is evident that there is still much work to be conducted in order to gain a deeper understanding of the environmental conditions and cognitive processes that affect the well-being of these animals.

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