Conour, L. A., Murray, K. A., Brown, M. J. 2006. Preparation of animals for research -- Issues to consider for rodents and rabbits. ILAR Journal 47(4), 283-293.

This article provides details to consider when preparing to use animals in biomedical research. The stress of transport and receipt of animals into a new environment mandate the need for a period of stabilization and acclimation. This allotment of time often occurs in conjunction with the quarantine period and permits a stress “recovery” period. Discussions in the article include specific effects of the environment on the animal, such as housing and environmental enrichment. Suggestions are offered regarding how to minimize the effects of procedures and equipment through the use of preconditioning techniques. Guidelines for these techniques and for acclimation should be instituted by the institutional animal care and use committee. Stress and distress are placed in perspective as they relate to the preparation of laboratory animals for research.