Buchanan-Smith, H. M. 1997. Considerations for the housing and handling of New World primates in the laboratory. In: Comfortable Quarters for Laboratory Animals, Eighth Edition. Reinhardt, V. (ed), 75-84. Animal Welfare Institute: Washington, DC.

Caretakers should seek knowledge of the natural lifestyles of the primates in their charge, and attempt to reproduce in the captive environment the salient aspects of the natural habitats that are biologically relevant to the animals. The aim of this chapter is to attempt to identify some of these aspects that can be reproduced in captivity. The aspects covered are climatic considerations, cage size and complexity, diet and food acquisition, and the social environment. The theme running throughout is that primates should have some control over their environment and activities as this appears to promote well-being on both psychological and physiological levels. Issues relating to the handling of New World primates are also discussed.