Bøgh, N., Agger, P., Omann, C. et al. 2020. New device for noninvasive telemetric monitoring of vital signs in healthy and newly operated piglets. JAALAS 59(1), 90–93.

Measuring vital signs is central to medical practice, but they are difficult to monitor in awake laboratory animals. We examined the feasibility of a noninvasive device [Cortrium C3 device] for telemetric assessment of respiration rate, heart rate, temperature and movement in pigs. Awake piglets were monitored continuously for 31 h (interquartile range, 7) before (n = 4) and after (n = 3) surgery. Data quality was sufficient for determination of all parameters. We conclude that continuous, noninvasive monitoring of pigs is possible by using the evaluated device.

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